Minecraft server - The Best Bukkit Plugins

First of all, everything I will talk about here will be related to plugins for bukkit so if you don't have it yet go get it!



Now that that is out of the way...

The essentials: CommandBook

A minecraft server suffers from a severe lack of commands if it has no plugins to add them. And that is exactly what this one does!

Everything from a simplified command for getting items to teleporting and setting spawn to changing the time of day to kicks and bans.


The next 3 plugins are by the same author as the plugin above (who is absolutely awesome) and you can navigate between them directly through links at the bottom of each of his plugins.

The editor: WorldEdit

​This is the bread and butter of any creative server. Once you start using it you won't be able to bring yourself to play without it.

This amazing plugin gives you the possibility of activating the super pick which allows you to destroy ANY block with just a click, it allows you to rollback the server to a previous time in case something went wrong, it lets you build from afar whether it be structures or even changing the landscape and it is even able to instantly empty a whole area or replace one type of block for another and best of all it allows you to copy and paste entire areas with the possibility of rotating them in any way.


This next plugin is not complete yet but most functions are active and working.

The protector: ​WorldGuard

If you ever had your creation ruined by creepers or griefer, this is the addon for you!

With this you will be able to set zones where only specific people can build. You can also disable creeper explosions (only the damage will be dealt) or the use of TNT or the Flint and Steel item. You can stop fire from spreading and prevent tools from wearing out (Not that it's needed if you are using the super pick from world edit as the pick never wears off).


Note: To be able to use this plugin you will need to have WorldEdit installed as well.

And last of the plugins by sk89t, but by no means least.

The mechanics: CraftBook

​Some of the features of this plugin:

  • Bridges *
  • Doors *
  • Elevators *
  • Readable bookshelves
  • Toggle areas (advanced toggle doors and bridges)
  • Hidden switches
  • Custom block drops
  • Integrated circuits
  • Programmable logic chips
  • Redstone pumpkins
  • Redstone netherrack
  • Booster blocks (Now included ingame)
  • Brake blocks
  • Many other minecart related blocks

* I will list another plugin later down that allows you to do this but with a much nicer effect


Some of the minecart blocks didn't work for me properly last time I tried hopefully that's been fixed.



Here is the youtube channel of a guy who made a bunch of videos that can help you using this plugin:



The controller: ​Permissions

This plugin is pretty self explanatory. It is also the plugin you will need if you are letting people you don't entirely trust into your server.

It is a plugin that (after some editing of text files) will assign people to custom made groups and allow or deny access of each of person to certain commands (specified by you on said textfiles) depending on the group you assigned that person to.

Personally I never managed to make it work right (not being able to let people build other then admins) but that is probably because of errors on my part.


The teleporter: ​MyWarp

Yet another addon with a pretty obvious name. Nevertheless it is a mandatory one if you want to navigate your huge server with ease.

It allows players to set both private and public warp points, obviously it lets players warp to those points and comes with some commands so you can share your private warps with only those you want to. It also lets you place a sign and make it so that right clicking that sign will teleport players to a warp set by you upon placement.


The world-manager: ​MultiVerse

This plugin is THE plugin if you want to have multiple worlds in your server.

It lets you include multiple worlds into one single server as well as setting up portals to teleport between places of one world OR between two worlds!


The inventory-manager: ​MultiInv

This plugin should be used together with MultiVerse.

It lets you define which worlds should share an inventory with eachother and which shouldn't. This is absolutly necessary if you want to have survival and creative worlds in the same server. You would have to setup the survival worlds to share inventories with no other world and the creative worlds with only the other creative worlds.


The flier: ​MagicCarpet

This addon is a simple yet good addon to fly.

It allows you to fly around in a magic carpet with configurable size.

The reason I put this one here and not another flying plugin that is faster moving the this one is because magic carpet allows you to beuild midair as you have glass blocks underneath you at all times. However I would reccomend you find a fly addon if you want to move faster in the air.


The flow: ​FlowControl

If you want to make a lava trap or maybe a water lift this is the plugin you should get.

It lets you use redstone to allow or deny passage to the flow of water or lava.


The mover: ​MagnetBlock

This is probably my favorite plugin of them all which is why I saved it for last.
Ever wanted to make a cool looking gate or secret passage? How about having stairs come down from the ceiling in front of you allowing you to go up a passage that previously was inaccessible? An elevator or a train?

This awesome plugin allows you to setup a structure which can then be linked to magnets that are activated by redstone circuits. Once a magnet is activated the structure moves in the direcetion of the magnet until it can't advance any further. This allows you to make moveable blocks whatever shape you like! (As long as you manage to make the redstone circuitry required behind it all :P)

I recommend using this in conjunction with CraftBook due to CB's redstone circuitry options which simplify things greatly.




That concludes the list of plugins I consider as must-have for your minecraft server. Remember though that there are a lot of other amazing plugins (I have some I have not listed here as well) that are posted and worth to take a look at, so go take a look at some on the plugin list sometime.

Hope you enjoyed and that you found this post helpful,


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Edit: I will check these out and try to put them on our servers when I am not doing anything else. 

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